Health Canada regulations under the Cannabis act define a complex regulatory framework for the different Cannabis industry in Canada. Panni is one of the pioneers by implementing SAGE X3 ERP solutions in the retail, extraction and cultivation verticals and hence developed a deep understanding of the Cannabis Industry.

Cannabis Retail Vertical

Panni has partnered with industry experts and Cova software, a leading Cannabis point of sale system, to develop an end to end Cannabis retail solution. Panni has developed a solution that integrates Cova and Sage X3 delivering powerful retail, multi-company finance, and supply chain capability.

Cannabis Extraction Vertical

Cannabis extraction from flowers is a huge growth vertical and is poised to experience rapid growth with the arrival of vape pens, beverages, and edibles. Panni has developed in-depth expertise in this vertical. The benefits of the Sage X3 powered solutions for Cannabis Extraction far outweigh other currently available options.

Key Benefits

Retail Vertical Solution

  • Multi-company – Ability to manage multi-company operations
  • Manage each store as a financial site under the same company
  • Look at each store profitability in a single click
  • Manage Purchase Ordering of Cannabis from within Sage X3 and seamlessly integrate purchasing between Sage X3 and COVA
  • Advanced inventory management features such as min and max, reorder points, reorder by periods, safety stocks, and seasonal demand planning.

Extraction Vertical solution

  • Ability to handle complex contractual agreements such as tolling, while label and contract manufacturing
  • Different valuation and cost structures for different contractual agreements
  • Ability to report on the complex Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System reporting for Health Canada regulatory reporting
  • Reporting for CRA purposes
  • Setup complex BOMs with by-products and track process loss and efficiency throughout the entire life cycle.

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