The landscape in which distribution companies are operating is quickly changing, and becoming increasingly challenging. Margins are getting slimmer, and customers are demanding increasing service making it imperative for distributors to provide value added customer service as a differentiator from competition. Distribution companies have to look at all aspects of their supply chain and look for opportunities to make their processes more efficient in order to reduce costs as well as meet the needs of their customers quickly and efficiently.


Panni has a team of experienced management consultant who can work with  you and identify areas of business process inefficiencies:

  • Study procurement processes, and see how supplier integration can help the organization reduce inventory level
  • Improve tracking of in-transit inventory.
  • Improvement in Warehouse management processes
  • Improve invoicing processes so that customer invoices can move quickly out of the door, and improve cash flow positions
  • Offering of value added services to customers in order to lock them in.
  • Improvement of reporting within the organization in order to catch business issues early, and take action to reduce cost of errors and omission.


Panni can help you develop a business case, and a technology road map to achieve your business goals. Contact us today on Panni can help you improve you distribution organization.