Workflow, Automation and Integration Services

Several critical business processes are still manual and paper based, without using software to track the processes and keeping a record of decisions made around these processes. Examples of these processes are:

Additionally, several companies use multiple software for their business processes – data flow between these different softwares often becomes a manual process. Examples of these processes are:

  • Inventory data flow from either external vendors or inhouse system to financial systems
  • Online customer facing websites to backend inventory management and order fulfilment systems
  • Customer Relation Management systems to backend ERP systems
  • Receiving or sending invoices from your in house ERP system to external invoicing platforms

Often times these integrations are not very efficient because of lack of workflow in case of exceptions and errors because of business rules. There are no business processes which monitor these errors and exceptions to make sure they are handled in time and quickly.

Panni helps organization resolve these integration and workflow issues by leveraging SharePoint technology. We offer a full service by not only building the workflow engine through SharePoint, but also building the integrations between systems using Microsoft BizTalk as the middleware.

Our approach to handling workflow and integration projects is as follows:

  • Firstly we map the process flow between functions, vendors or customers and do a process optimization to streamline the information flow and data flow.
  • Work with the business to develop future state business processes and escalation guidelines for the new automated processes.
  • Leverage SharePoint technology to develop the workflow engine and integrate with other systems if required.

Our methodology ensures not only the workflow automation is in place, but also ensures that the organization is ready to move towards managing their workflow digitally from a manual paper based method.

Contact us today on how we can help you in process automation and integration by leveraging the power of SharePoint.