SharePoint Consulting Services

Whether you have a quick SharePoint enquiry, a large project, or something in between, you can trust Panni with providing a solution that fits your business needs.

Our success lies in a unique blend of both technical and creative skills that when combined deliver truly remarkable digital experience with the right balance of form and factor. We are regularly selected for incorporating best of the class design and technical excellence into all of our products, services and solutions.

Our SharePoint services have the following key focus areas.

Workflow automation and Integration

Several critical business processes are still manual and paper based, without using software to track the processes and keeping a record of decisions made around these processes. Additionally, several companies use multiple software for their business processes – data flow between these different softwares often becomes a manual process.

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Business Intelligence and Dashboarding

An effective Business Intelligence solution is essential for decision making in a modern day organization. Business Intelligence is all about making sense out of the huge sources of data within your organization and converting them to meaningful information that can be used to make intelligent business decisions.

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Enterprise Content Management

Organizations are increasingly getting buried under mountains of paperwork, and electronic documents. This is being driven by regulatory requirements, customer expectations, and even internally by employees. In each case there is a need to be able to quickly find the right document and the right information within it. Inefficient document management can decrease productivity, cause legal issues and ultimately affect profitability of your organization.

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