Sage ERP X3 Consulting for Customers

Implementing a new ERP system, is one of the most important journey’s that your organization can take, involving a significant invest of time, money and effort. It affects every person in the organization, from the senior leadership team to right down to your front line people dealing with your customers and managing your inventory. Every research study shows that the majority of ERP implementations either did not deliver the expected business value, or failed completely.

This does not have to be the case with your SAGE ERP X3 implementation. Panni can help manage your SAGE ERP X3 implementation by working with your chosen SAGE ERP X3 reseller and your organization’s stakeholders to ensure that your business goals are met, and you get the Return on Investment out of your crucial investment.

At Panni we believe that to deliver a successful ERP implementation, you need to have a focus not just on technology, but also have an effective change management program in place, which focuses on the people and the helping them adapt to the new organizational processes changes, which almost inevitable comes with any new ERP implementation. Our focus on change management ensures that:

  • Change processes are documented and their impact to every level of the organization is determined
  • Changes are communicated and understood at all levels of the organization
  • All key stakeholders are onboard and have given their buy-in
  • Your people are trained and ready to adopt the change
  • Most importantly, we are there to take your organization through the change process even after technology implementation to ensure that you achieve the success you aimed for

At Panni, we help your organization at every step of your SAGE ERP X3 implementation journey. As a part of this journey, we help your organization with the following during the implementation:

  • Defining clear vision of business goals

When starting on the path of selecting a new ERP system, most companies have the vision of making their current business processes faster and more efficient, and having better insights into their business data. However, often this vision is not defined into a clear, and measurable business goals. Additionally, different functional areas may have different business visions and goals, which might be in conflict with the overall business goal.

Panni engages all stakeholders of your organization and helps translate your business vision into clear, measurable business goals for your organization. These goals then become the “guiding light” for the entire implementation. It makes it easier to make sure that the ERP implementation is heading in the right direction, and provides you with the benchmark to measure your project success.

  • Project Plan & On boarding

The success of any ERP implementation is dependent on a well designed project plan. Our project team closely works with your Project Sponsor to work out a thorough plan suitable for your organization. We ensure that all relevant stakeholders have given their buy in and resource and time commitment is clear at all levels. This alignment ensures that the rest of the project sails through without any major problems.

  • Business Solution Design

Are you entangled in complex processes that make your business complicated? Are you trying to figure out a way to simplify your business as a part of SAGE ERP X3 implementation? Are internal processes and barriers making you lose the competitive edge? Panni can help you make sense of the clutter and simplify your business processes so you can focus more on the customer and get that winning edge.

We use the Event Driven Process Chain approach to map the current processes in detail, carry out a gap analysis and derive future state process that define clearly which systems and roles will be performing each task. This optimizes your overall system and helps deliver the business in a more efficient and streamlined manner – directly impacting your bottom line.

For software such as SAGE ERP X3, business processes can be performed in a number of different ways. We can audit the processes being proposed by your SAGE ERP X3 reseller, to make sure you are getting the most out of your SAGE ERP X3 solution.

  • Business Testing

The Post Go-Live success of any ERP is dependent on how the solution was tested.  Testing is time consuming and there is not often enough time and resources to test everything. Additionally, since SAGE ERP X3 is a new product for the organization, users are not sure on how to test the product properly. At Panni, we help you design and execute a testing strategy, which ensures that the business will not face any downtime post go live.

  • Communication & Training

Clear communication throughout the ERP implementation is critical to a successful launch and post launch adoption of the system. We ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aligned and on board for all relevant changes and that expectations are clearly defined at all levels. Thorough training is done in a simulated environment to ensure that people are well apt in the new system and ready to take it on from the very first day.

  • Develop Post go Live support plan

Supporting SAGE ERP X3 will require a new set of from your organization. Panni will work with you and your authorized SAGE X3 reseller to make sure you the right support model in place to support your mission critical ERP system.

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