Sage ERP X3

We are an authorized solution implementation partner for Sage ERP X3. We offer consulting, implementation, and customization services to business partners and customers.


Panni offers Technology consulting and implementation services for enterprises. Our focus areas are systems integration, business collaboration and dashboarding.

Invoice Automation

Exchange invoices electronically with e-enabled oil and gas companies. Switch to PGATE to automate your accounts payable and receivable functions, and significantly reduce cost.

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Panni at a Glance

Panni is a results oriented business technology consulting organization based in Calgary, Alberta. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we help companies improve and optimize their business processes by creating technology-enabled business solutions. Since 2009, we have been helping businesses achieve the maximum ROI with regards to their investments in technology and information systems. Our goal is to make businesses more successful at what they do by creating solutions, which will make them more responsive to external and internal drivers.

Organizations constantly battle to reinvent themselves amidst a global competition, regulatory pressures, and growing customer expectations. We help businesses transform by enhancing productivity, unlocking innovation, and driving corporate performance. We do this through our two core service offerings of SAGE ERP X3, and technology services in the areas of Business Intelligence, Business Collaboration, and Business and systems integration.

We have developed an innovative product, PGATE, by harnessing the latest cloud based technologies to helps you automate your Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable processes, by eliminating paper, reducing data entry, and delivering out of the box integration with any ERP system and any e-enabled oil and gas company.

Our differentiator is that we are focused on understanding, and delivering on your business needs rather than simply implementing a technical solution. Our belief is that achieving business goals should be the ultimate yard stick against which technology implementations should be measured against. Our aim is to become your trusted business and technology advisor.