Simplifying the Office 365 admin experience – Part 02

Simplifying the Office 365 admin experience – Part 02

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Manage more efficiently with streamlined common admin tasks

Managing Office 365 could be only functions in job description if you are taking care of small business, so keeping the experience simple is key. In case of larger organization, you’re constantly blitzed with tasks to complete and efficiency may be the most important aspect of managing your Office 365 service. Fortunately, simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand and efficiency is a key focus in our journey to simplifying the administration of Office 365. A common admin task is adding new users to Office 365 environment. Number of required steps can be reduced while creating new users by adding the ability to automatically assign your available Office 365 licenses. Users can also be managed and streamlined by using updated and detailed panel which now contains more user information, such as the assigned Office 365 license and associated email addresses. The updated user detail panel also provides a more obvious way to reset passwords. And to simplify password management further, you now have the option to manually set passwords rather than have Office 365 generate a random one. SP02

Get to what you need faster with commonly used settings in the admin center

Microsoft is focusing on simplifying the Office 365 admin center navigation experience by

improving discoverability. We’re doing this by adding to the Office 365 admin center settings commonly used with Office 365 that previously were found only in other admin portals (Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync). The first settings we added, the ones rolling out this month, are the external collaboration settings. Three commonly used external collaboration settings are now grouped together in the External Sharing tab on the Office 365 admin center left navigation menu. User can give the ability to share access to their SharePoint sites and documents and Exchange calendars, by enabling these settings so they can collaborate more easily with people in external organizations. Lync collaboration setting helps to empower users the ability

to communicate with people outside of your organization. With these commonly used settings right at your fingertips in the Office 365 admin center, you no longer have to go into a different admin portal just to enable/disable them. SP03

Stay informed with the Office 365 message center

To stay in the loop and up to date with what is going on in your Office 365 environment user needs to check the Message Center regularly. We’ll post messages to you about any

potential issues with your environment, notify you of changes to your service, and more. SP04

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Abubakr Asif

Abubakr Asif

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