SAGE X3 V9 User Interface, navigation and productivity improvements

SAGE X3 V9 User Interface, navigation and productivity improvements

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SAGE X3 V9 User Interface, navigation and productivity improvements

New update of X3, version 9.0 has some major improvements including several user interface, navigation and productivity improvements. These improvements are discussed herewith.

  • Now there is a choice of user Interface in X3 version 9.0.
  • Choice of theme on welcome panel, select high contrast theme for the welcome panel to use with projector.

Go to the user menu and select default and contrast mode.


Some other themes are also expected in upcoming versions.





Themes are defined by sage and cannot be changed.

  • Now user can expand and collapse blocks by clicking on the action buttons as shown below.

Collapsed View:


Expended View:


  • Using search tool, you can pull function as long as function ID is unique.

Enter country function:


It belongs to:


  • New filters have also been added.


Users can expand the grid:


It has multiple column. Now you can apply filters on each column.


Now you have clear sort/filter button as well. It removes all filter settings.

  • Bringing back breadcrumb so you know where you’re in X3.


  • Better navigation between navigation and classic pages.

Now it is also possible to switch between pages using the home and navigation button at top right corner.

Also Back and forward buttons are added.

image024 image026

  • Different tools to simplify data entry and searches.

Data entry has been simplified. When entering some text, limit of is also visible to the user.

Now you can also select multiple lines using Shift and selecting other lines. Once selected, you can delete all lines using delete from the action.

  • Tooltips on icon as truncated text.

Truncated text is now shown as follows:


Similarly, keyboard shortcuts are also visible as follows:


Now create button is shown as bright orange:




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