How to setup Control Table in Sage Enterprise Management V7 & U8 & U9

How to setup Control Table in Sage Enterprise Management V7 & U8 & U9

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How to setup Control Table in Sage Enterprise Management V7 & U8 & U9

The control table is a very simple method to create validity controls, that can be set up for certain entry fields. These control tables are used to define the coherence controls on the data being entered and avoid the code writing as well. Control tables can be used:

  • In system transaction definition mode.
  • In the definition of screens (development function, though the control allocation in a screen remains part of the setup).
  • To add controls on a report parameter.
  • In the definition of accounting transactions.

In a more general fashion, the control table allocation function is used to associate a control table to any of the screen field of the software in order to add additional coherence controls defined by the user. These controls are an addition to the carried out standard controls.


Each table is characterized by a 10-character alphanumeric code, and associated control parameters. Up to three simultaneous controls can be defined; they can be of different types and are checked successively:


  • Mandatory value entry if a condition is met
  • Presence in a value list
  • Exclusion from a value list
  • Presence in a table.
  • Inclusion in an interval
  • Check of a calculation formula

Here the example to show how control tables works on screen level.

There is field called discount(DISCRGVAL1), while entering the data in sales order lines if discount is greater than 10 then system should stop the user to move out. Generally, the developers are writing code either in after field or after change field action of discount at screen level. The control tables are more useful for developers to avoid writing code.

The following steps are show how to use control tables:

Even though discount has 25 it is not giving any error when there is no any control table on this field.

image001Go to control tables, under general parameter module.

image002Create new control table code (here: YDISMAN) by using control type as “Expression” then expression and error messages fields will be convert into editable mode. Now we can enter the expression if VALEUR (Discount value) <= 10 otherwise the error message should display if the above condition is not TRUE.

image003Once code has been created successfully, go to sales order line screen(SOH4) and enter the control table code “YDISMAN” in control table field in discount field (DISCRGVAL1)

image004Note: Validate the sales order entry transaction after entering in SOH4 screen.


Go to sales order function as shown above, in the following screen the discount is 9 which is a valid value.

image005Discount value should not be greater than.


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