How to Create and Integrate Patches in Sage Enterprise Management

How to Create and Integrate Patches in Sage Enterprise Management

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How to Create and Integrate Patches in Sage Enterprise Management

If we want to transfer any customizations from one Sage Enterprise Management folder to another SAGE X3 folder, then we have to create patch from source system / folder and integrate into targeted system/folder. The following steps illustrate how patch creation and patch integration is done in Sage Enterprise Management. In this example, we have added few new fields in sales order screen (SOH4) and would like to move it to another folder.

                                   Development -> Folders -> Patches

Select the patch creation from Patches menu under development in Sage Enterprise Management.

If we select client, then the patch will be created in local machine at default path, otherwise we can select any path from server such as Patch, TRT etc.
Once the destination has been selected, then we’ll have to give all components list which are either modified or newly created by using Type (AMK for screen and ATB for table etc.).

It is also possible to add new language codes, other than default ones already available in Sage Enterprise Management.

Select client as destination file type, after clicking ok the created patch will have automatic generated number.

We need to change the name of this file in exact Sage recommended format of patch which is given as SRC_acitivity code_product version_Patch .

Patch integration in Sage Enterprise Management:

We have to select patch integration function from where we selected patch creation. Once selected, now it shows new window where we can see all existing folders and we delete which we don’t need to integrate the patch.

Our patch copied in Patch folder in application server and select it when we select destination type as server otherwise we can select file from our local machine.

Select correct file to integrate in to the folder

Once Patch has been integrated successfully, following log file will display. If there are errors, they will appear in same log.





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