Enable Data Search Feature in Sage Enterprise Management V7

Enable Data Search Feature in Sage Enterprise Management V7

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Data search feature is a very useful feature in X3 v7, which allows the user to search for any data item in X3 such as sales orders, purchase orders and even business process functions. This feature allows the end user to reach their data point much earlier than following a conventional tree menu structure.

Sometimes, especially after new X3 installations, users can see “Data search failure is not available for the current endpoint” as shown in the figure below.


This search feature can be enabled by following steps below.

Click administrator on the landing page


Click on search index management under the tools group


Then the following window will open where we have to provide some important information like endpoint (Folder in V6). If we would like to enable this feature for multiple languages then can add multiple languages by clicking on Add option in “Locales” field. After providing the relevant data click on update index.


Updating/Creating (if it is at first runs) index for all tables and functions.

5 6

Once 100% is done without any errors search feature is enabled in the endpoint.

Let’s have a look at following screen shot after enabling the search feature. Here the user is trying to get the customer function and typed some part of text of the word customer, X3 automatically starts showing the suggestions based on the text being entered.


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