Create Parameters and get Parameter Values in Coding in Sage Enterprise Management

Create Parameters and get Parameter Values in Coding in Sage Enterprise Management

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Create Parameters and get Parameter Values in Coding

Parameters are used to change the flow of business, for example when product receipt is sent to the site then stock should move to site directly without quality check or move for quality check first based some parameter. Here based one parameter value the flow of business execution might change that is why the parameters are very important in any ERP

The parameters are basic part of the any ERP system and functionality is dependent on these parameters. Parameters are attached with functional module and are classified by group.

It can be associated with a global variable; which makes it possible for the Supervisor to load this global variable via the setup value when connected to the folder or a user change.

This function is called Parameter definitions and accessed in Sage Enterprise Management using:


Developmentà Data and Parameters à Parameter definitions

image001Once parameter definitions function has been selected in Sage Enterprise Management then the following window appears, where we can create new parameter for any specific module like sales, purchase etc. and each parameter is classified by specific group.

For instance, there is group MIS (Miscellaneous) in sales module (VEN).

New parameter “YTESTPARAM” with value type is local menu and given local menu number “1 (No/Yes)” as it is local menu type.

We can select either alphanumeric, numeric, local menu and other few value types based on our requirement in Sage Enterprise Management.

Note: Once created, global parameters which will start with “G”, can accessed anywhere in entire application till the Sage Enterprise Management session has been terminated.

image002Once parameter has been created successfully, go back to Parameter Values function which is given as:

            Setup à General Parameters à Parameter Values


Once entered into parameter value function, select sales function then all groups are visible in sales and right click on MIS type, which is used for new parameter.

image004Once selected details on MIS, following screen will appear and there we can see new parameter (YTESTPARAM) which we created earlier in Sage Enterprise Management.

image005Select search option and local menu value “1” as it is defined in parameter definition as local menu type.

If we want get parameter (YTESTPARAM) value in coding, then use the following syntax as shown below.



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