Create Graphical Requestor in Sage Enterprise ManagementV9

Create Graphical Requestor in Sage Enterprise ManagementV9

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Create Graphical Requestor in Sage Enterprise ManagementV9


If we want to see sales order details which are still open, then just go to the graphical requestor. Here we can directly add tables from Sage Enterprise Management data source by click on “Add table” option and fields can be selected.

The following steps are describing how to create graphical requestors in Sage Enterprise Management V9. Go to graphical requestor function under:

Setup à Usage à  Reports à Graphical query tool


Click on new button and provide the new code and click on “Add table” option, here we can add formulas and function using coding part by click on “add new expression field” option as shown in following screen. Once selected it will list X3 tables. If required, we can change the relation (link). Sales order tables are given below.

If we want create link between tables manually, then we can add Link in expression field.

Sometime it is required to display data in graphical format, in this case we can select graph option in graph tab.

Once it is done in development then validate the requestor by click on validate button as shown below and click on Run button to execute.

Result in table and graphical format on same page has been shown below, as we selected Graph and Character option in Graph tab in creation part.

The following two tabs change content below.


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