Project & Business Change Management

The success of any change management program is dependent on effective end to end implementation. Panni Management addresses your needs in a holistic manner. We don’t just implement programs – we ensure that they work seamlessly and deliver returns on a long term.

Any process change that focuses just on technology and not on the people can be disruptive. Our approach to change management ensures that:

  • Change processes are documented and their impact to every level of the organization is determined
  • Changes are communicated and understood at all levels of the organization
  • All key stakeholders are onboard and have given their buy-in
  • Your people are trained and ready to adopt the change
  • Most importantly, we are there to take your organization through the change process even after technology implementation to ensure that you achieve the success you aimed for

Through our change management programs we help your business embrace the change by working on the most critical link – people.

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Business Process Analysis & Design

Are you entangled in complex processes that make your business complicated? Are you trying to figure out a way to simplify your business? Are internal processes and barriers making you lose the competitive edge? Panni Management can help you make sense of the clutter and simplify your business so you can focus more on the customer and get that winning edge.

We have got the expertise to address your needs no matter which business you are in – manufacturing, services, energy or even the financial sector. Our Business Process Analysis & Design division uses the EPC (Event Driven Process Chain) approach to map the current processes in detail, carryout a gap analysis and derive future state process that define which systems and roles are best suited for each task. This optimizes your overall system and helps deliver the business in a more efficient and streamlined manner – directly impacting your bottom line.

Our solutions can optimize your current systems or suggest better ways of managing your current needs through improvements in technology or implementation of ERP systems suitable to your needs.

ERP Implementation

At Panni Management we offer you ERP solutions that suit your needs.  Our approach to ERP is not limited to technology implementation, we specialize in providing integrated solutions that ensure seamless integration of the ERP into your organizations existing systems and work environment.

Our ERP solutions are tailored for the Mid-Market Segment. Our ERP implementation is based on the following services:

  • Pre – Planning

We don’t just sell software – we sell management solutions. In the Pre-Planning stage we preview the current systems of your organization to determine the best management solution for your organization. Our input is based on your nature of business, people, IT infrastructure and current software capabilities to advise the best possible solution to streamline your business. This ensures that a cost effective solution that delivers your desired outcomes is implemented.

  • Project Plan & On boarding

The success of any ERP implementation is dependent on a well designed project plan. Our project team closely works with your Project Sponsor to work out a thorough plan suitable for your organization. We ensure that all relevant stakeholders have given their buy in and expectations from the change are clear at all levels. This alignment ensures that the rest of the project sails through without any major problems.

  • Business Solution Design

Detailed mapping of the current processes determines how accurate the new process will work under the ERP. Our team works in detail on the existing processes of your organization to produce a current state map. A Gap-Analysis is then performed to find ways of improving the current processes and work out the future state. Throughout the design phase our consultants work closely with your team to design processes that are practical and adoptable for your organization. Our approach ensures that the change is coherent with your organization culture and suits your business and customer’s needs.

  • Business Testing

The Post Go-Live success of any ERP is dependent on how the solution was tested.  Testing is time consuming and there is not often enough time and resources to test everything. At Panni Management, we help you design and execute a testing strategy, which ensures that the business will not face any down time post go live. Communication & Training

Clear communication throughout the ERP implementation is critical to a successful launch and post launch adoption of the system. We ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aligned and on board for all relevant changes and that expectations are clearly defined at all levels. Thorough training is done in a simulated environment to ensure that people are well apt in the new system and ready to take it on from the very first day.

  • Post GO- Live Support

You can rest assured that Panni Management is there to support you when you need it most. Our post implementation support helps your staff in getting used to the new systems and to ensure that your business achieves the targeted benefits. We monitor the overall implementation to ensure that both the technical and people elements are working as expected. We also optimize the systems through retrofits where needed.

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Business Intelligence

An effective Business Intelligence solution is essential for decision making in a modern day organization. System Business Intelligence is all about making sense out of the huge sources of data within your organization and converting them to meaningful information that can be used to make intelligent business decisions. BI helps you analyze data, view trends and forecast the future. It gives you detailed and customized reports on information that is most useful for your better decision making. Whether you are using simple database applications or already have an ERP , using Business Intelligence can help you can achieve much more from your existing systems.

Panni Management offers you the industry leading Business Intelligence tools – Microsoft Business Intelligence and SAP Business Objects. To find out which product suits your needs check out our products page or contact us.

Business and Systems Integration

Most companies today rely on different software to track and record business transactions within the organization as well as on the outside with customers and vendors. Incompatible software systems and process add to the complexities of doing business.

Through our Business & Systems integration services we not only provide middleware to make technologies work together, we also streamline information and processes to optimize them for working coherently. This ensures that various business applications within and outside the organization work as a single system.

We have a two pronged approach to handling integration issues. Firstly we map the process flow between functions, vendors or customers and do a process optimization to streamline the information flow. We then look at the technical integration of the systems and design middleware or optimize the current technology if required. Our technical expertise lies in the areas of Microsoft BizTalk server, WCF, WWF, SOA, B2B and Human workflows.