Sage ERP X3

For every growing business, it is vital to make the right investment decisions. Making the right ERP choice and ensuring its proper integration within the organization helps the business achieve efficiency, streamline processes, reduce costs and directly impact the bottom line. Integrated ERP Systems support the planning and control of corporate resources by combining all management processes into a comprehensive IT system.

Sage ERP X3 is the perfect solution for mid-sized companies with international aspirations. It provides an integrated business management solution for managing the complexities of your business.

Sage Enterprise Management provides many benefits to your organization:

  • It is widely used in 53 countries, 3000 companies and has more than 165,000 users across the world
  • It is available in 10 languages and legislations with international support
  • Specifically designed for Mid-Sized companies
  • Simple, flexible and scalable end to end ERP solution as compared to other mid market ERP solutions
  • A web-based integrated ERP with integrated financial accounting, sales, inventory, CRM, purchasing and manufacturing management capabilities and support for information exchange with external partners
  • Integrates industry specific software with the organizations information and business processes
  • Low Cost, Less Time for integration with advanced features and customization and commitment to customer service

With successful rollouts to our credit, Panni Management is the perfect partner to ensure your success as your organization implements Sage Enterprise Management.

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Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence is recognized as a leader in Business Intelligence by Gartner. It is built on the MS SQL server and uses familiar tools like Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Service to help businesses create their analytics and collaborate with peers for effective decision making. With the familiar environment provided by this platform, it is easier for users to adopt. IT departments can use Microsoft BI solutions to empower users with self-services capabilities while keeping the data integrity in their control.

Some of the reasons why you should choose Microsoft BI:

  • Self Service: Employees can pull their own data without relying on IT Departments using the tools they prefer like Microsoft Excel.
  • Access to information and performance monitoring through any data source in the organization and ability to deliver dashboards and scorecards by combining information from multiple systems
  • Collaboration tools like SharePoint server help employees share information instantly in a secure and managed environment, making decision making quicker and easier
  • Enterprise reporting capabilities using Microsoft SQL Server reporting services with customized report authoring tools available
  • Robust data mining and predictive analytics capability provides you with a much deeper insight with the information
  • Solutions are “Cloud Ready”, enabling you to move your BI from in-house to cloud based platforms.
  • High end performance records, including the world record for ETL load performance at 1TB of data in less than 30 minutes using ETL tools (as measured by UNISYS).

To find out how Panni Management can help implement Business Intelligence in your organization check out our services section (link).

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SAP Business Objects

The SAP Business Objects Edge is a powerful BI solution for midsized companies. It is capable of providing flexible ad hoc reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualizations, along with powerful data integration and data mart solutions.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is backed by the enterprise intelligence platform offering a connected, interactive and open ended business intelligence solution of similar capabilities as the larger organizations. The package offers the industry standards financial reporting capabilities along with world class visualization technology, data integration and data management capabilities.

The three different packages available are:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI standard package
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with Data Integration
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with Data Management

Some of the features and functions offered by SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI are:

  • Flexible and Ad hoc reporting with easy to use Web interface
  • Access to data using Microsoft Office and SharePoint making it easier to use data through spreadsheets and documents
  • Personalized and Interactive Business Dashboards
  • Mobile Enabled – Capability for content delivery on mobile devices
  • Rapid Deployment and execution
  • Data integration and management capability


To find out how Panni Management can help implement Business Intelligence in your organization check out our services section.

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