Calculation of Cannabis Excise Duties in SAGE X3

June 29, 2020 Published by

Excise duty needs to be paid by cannabis distributors who supply packaged cannabis products to their customers. The excise duty is calculated based on the sales price of product that is charged to customer. Panni has built functionality in SAGE X3 to calculate the excise taxes/duties payable and this document would explain how the excise […]


Inventory Management: What is ABC analysis and When do you need it?

June 2, 2020 Published by

The ABC analysis is a ranked categorization technique based on the Pareto Principle (a business metric that proposes that 20% of the inputs determine 80% of the outcomes). It is intended to concentrate efforts and resources to the company’s priority items and minimize the number of operational tasks and overhead costs associated with inventory management.


Cannabis Excise Duty Framework

May 8, 2020 Published by

Cultivators, producers, and packagers of cannabis products are required to obtain a cannabis licence from the CRA before production. Once licensed, they are required to calculate the excise duty on their sales and report it to CRA.


Why ERP software fails and what you should do about it

February 13, 2020 Published by

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an integrated business management tool assisted by software and technology that collects, centralizes, and interprets data, often in real-time, for organizations. Despite these benefits, some companies find it hard to use ERP software because it may have limited functionalities that don’t meet their core business goals. When this […]


How to Check Number of Records in the Table in Sage X3

December 12, 2018 Published by

To check number of records in the table in Sage X3. Nbrecord – Sage X3. Following Syntax is used for this purpose. Syntax: nbrecord(class)


How to fix Unauthorised Journal on Invoice type Error in Sage X3

October 31, 2018 Published by

While creating purchase invoice we may get an error showing “Unauthorised journal on this document type” To solve this issue go to, All ->Purchasing -> Invoices Following screen will pop up as shown below. Select the supplier invoice …


How to Change Length of Data Type in Sage X3

October 17, 2018 Published by

We can change the length for standard data type in Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly X3). Once we have increased the length of standard data type we should assign the same length to all the components, including tales, screens etc. As shown below, the data type AX3 (Product description) standard length is 30 and we need […]


5 tips on how to select an ERP system for the hard goods distribution industry

October 3, 2018 Published by

ERP is the future for complete hard goods distribution management Managing your inventory supply chain efficiently is obviously an important aspect of your business. The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can assist your company with enhanced integration of data, allowing for more effective collaboration between teams, customer satisfaction and easy reporting features. Here are […]