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Day 1 at Sage Enterprise Management Summit (Sage X3) at Seville

Sage Enterprise Summit at Seville opened with a bang with a totally Spanish Flamenco style! The EVP of Spain though later corrected our stereotype that Flamenco is only practiced in one part of Spain. For those of you who cannot attend the Opening day at Sage Enterprise Summit, check out the two YouTube videos below:

Sage made an exciting announcement about its Sage Business Cloud in the opening keynote.

It will have a suite of cloud products, market applications, developer platform and services packaged as one big Sage Cloud to its customers. Companies will be able to seamlessly access the products they need and improve their business processes and efficiencies.

Sage shared their Sage Enterprise Management product evolution. One of the key standouts for me was the ability to configure new legislation requirements instead of hard coding them. This will make a few things easier where full legislations functionality is not available.

Sage Enterprise Management has hired 5 new people in their UX team with the sole focus of making things more intuitive from a user perspective. A snapshot of how the new interface will look like was also shown.

The expected timeframe for these changes was shared in the slide below:

Sage Enterprise Management is also working on a exciting project code named ETNA.

Although it is looking at many things, one of the key things coming out of this project will be the ability to customize Sage Enterprise Management using JavaScript. This will significantly enhance the developer pool available to customize Sage Enterprise Management. However, the 4GL programing language will still be there and will work as a complement to the JavaScript.

The day ended with a dinner for the partner community in a beautiful Seville location.


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