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Simplifying the Office 365 admin experience – Part 01

Cloud-based services such as Office 365, always

keeps environment up to date. Office 365 helps to make innovations like Office Groups and Graphs and the latest productivity tools, including Office for iPad.

Office 365, with all its glory and set of new features & functionality can create complexity in managing the services. To ensure that admins at all organizations, big and small, get the most from Office 365, Microsoft has simplified the Office 365 admin experience.

Starting this month, Microsoft is rolling out three new capabilities that will help you manage your service more simply. With these updates, you can:

  • Have Office 365 proactively check your DNS records to find and fix DNS issues.
  • Manage more efficiently with streamlined common admin tasks.
  • Get to what you need faster with commonly used settings in the admin center.
  • Let’s take a look at how these new capabilities can help you manage your service more efficiently.

Have Office 365 proactively check your DNS records to find and fix DNS issues

Configuring and troubleshooting DNS records can be a perplexing experience. Some common causes of problems include missing or incorrect DNS records or DNS changes as a result of service updates. The consequences of these issues are substantial, because users may not be able to send or receive email, or customers may not be able to visit your company’s public website.

User needs to make sure to opt correct configuration, Microsoft is rolling out a solution to provide you with the ability to have your DNS records proactively checked by Office 365. User will get notification if DNS records do not match while you are logged into Office 365 admin center. Microsoft will then provide you with proposed actions to fix your potential DNS records issue. DNS records can be configured manually or update automatically in case the domain is hosted by GoDaddy. For all other domain hosts, you will be provided with instructions on how to correct your DNS records issues. A confirmation screen appears, once the DNS records have been correctly updated.

For admins with more advanced setups, this proactive DNS records check can be turned off to prevent unnecessary DNS records error notifications.




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