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How to Create Contract and Load Contract in Purchase Order in Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly SAGE X3)

Following article describes that how we can create contract and load the newly created contract in Purchase Order in Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly known as Sage X3).


Creating Contract:

To create a contract, go to Purchasing in top bar as shown below:

Purchasing > Orders > Open Orders

Click on Purchasing, Orders and then Open Orders

The following window will appear as shown below.

To create a new contract, click on New as shown below in Red box.

Once clicked a new window will appear as shown, where you will have to assign values and required details.

All fields given with asterisk are mandatory and specific values must be assign before we can proceed. These fields are shown in red box below.

Once the Open order has been selected the following window will appear, select All Full entry and proceed.

Click New to create a new order as shown below.

Fill in all mandatory fields, as shown in red boxes.

The tabs are shown here, Management, Product and Total.

Under products, assign all product details.

Once contract has been created we’ll add the contract in Purchase Order.

The following section provides necessary information to load a contract in PO.

Loading Contract in PO:

To load a contract in PO, go to:

Purchasing > Orders > Orders

Select All Full entry and Proceed

Click new as shown below, to add new contract.

As mentioned earlier, you need to provide values in all mandatory fields before we can proceed. All mandatory fields are given in red boxes.

As shown in green box below, you can select if order is from contract or not, once you have selected that the it is a contract (Contract Yes/No), you can assign contract number in “Contract Number” field.

Tax rule and invoicing site fields are also mandatory as mentioned earlier.

Under line tab, assign contract and product.

Once it has been created you can print it by simply clicking Printer sign in right hand side as shown below.

Click Record, the window will appear.

Select first report as shown below.

It’ll download and open the report



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