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How to Change Length of Data Type in Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly Sage X3)

We can change the length for standard data type in Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly X3). Once we have increased the length of standard data type we should assign the same length to all the components, including tales, screens etc.

As shown below, the data type AX3 (Product description) standard length is 30 and we need to increase it to 70, same length should be assigned to all the component which are having data type AX3.


To do so,

Open data type and select AX3. Change the length from 30 to 70 as shown below.

By default, this value is 30.

Once we have changed the value,

Once the changes have been made, save the changes and validate.

Open the dictionary validation and select required component which are to be applied with the changed length of AX3.

Enter the data type AX3 in the filter and click on OK.

Increased length from 30 to 70 here well.

Click Ok and its done.


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