Get Action and Function Code in Sage Enterprise Management V9

June 1, 2017 Published by
Sometimes, the developer may require finding the action and function code in the coding part. The following example shows how this done in Sage X3. In this example, three buttons are added in the purchase order window (OPOH) and mapped with three different processes using the same process code.

All Development Script Directory

Add the same process code “SPEYACTION” for three actions “YACTION1”, “YACTION2” and “YFUNCCODE”.

All Development Script Directory Actions

Write these codes in the specific process.

Once we have added buttons and actions successfully, then we will have to validate purchase order entry transactions. Button has added in purchase order window successfully as shown. To check go to Orders in Sage X3:

All Purchasing Orders

Now when we click on button then it should give us action code and function code as shown below.

Button Action Code-1 should give “YACTION1”

Button Action Code-1 should give “YACTION2”

Button Function Code should give “GESPOH” (Purchase order function code is GESPOH)

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