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Four new features in SAGE X3 V9 Mobile Client

  1. New web mobile client

Mobile applications can be launched from a URL in any web browser on tablet or mobile phone.

Shortcut to launch mobile page is in user welcome panel, where we can find link to Mobile home page as shown.


It is now possible to launch mobile app in mobile or tablet format. Once launched it can be accessed using SAGE X3 username and password.


These apps are mostly sales oriented. Specially designed for people working with SAGE X3 sales module.


User now can have option to change their language, role and endpoint


It is now possible to select Auto, Tablet or Smartphone mode.

Remember that there is no footer while using smartphone mode. Auto mode detects device automatically but it is not recommended.

You can remove data stored in your browser cache from several days.


Now you can add and remove dashboard items using the setting function. Remove items using bin sign on their respected item as shown below. Once removed you can add these items again using add apps on top left corner. It is also possible to customize apps using pencil icon.


You can set any page as your favorite page using pin at the bottom or access home page at any time using home button.


You cannot access footer in smartphone mode but can access these options from the main menu button at top right corner.

  1. Working Offline with Mobile Application

New version of Sage Enterprise Management has an additional feature which allows users to work offline. This feature is added for the users who need to access X3 where there is limited or no network access.

It is possible to connect sage x3 application with last connection profile used on that application. You can access all pages previously visited when you were online. They are made available in offline mode using cache of the browser.


It is now possible to download data for offline mode. As shown below you can download customer data in cache of your browser to work in offline mode.


Once selected as shown above, you can select multiple customers.


Once all the customers are selected use the download option as shown below.


Select items you want to download.


Note: Automatic update of downloaded data is not available.

  1. Personalization of Mobile Page:

Personalization is done on the PC. Access the mobile app home from the user menu and go to the design pages.


The page has been divided into four parts Top, Left, Right and Middle. 


It is now possible to set the resolution according to the device.


  1. Customize Page Bottom:

Customize page bottom (footer) in the user interface using the design page in top right corner.


By default, you can return to the home page and pin to the home page.


Select the highest level in action panel and actions.


Set allow download to True, and select multiple selection.


As shown below, like and dislike buttons have been added at the bottom of the page.



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