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Five Changes in X3 V8

Five Changes in X3 V8

Five major changes in X3 V8 are:

  • Interface Improvements
  • In sage X3 V8 search is case insensitive.
  • Now we can manage color code in RTF editor.
  • It is also now possible to represent information into left to right orientation.


  • Keyboard shortcuts are visible in every tooltip which is displayed in application.
  • A personalization can be reset by using the shortcut ESC+W+Z.
  • Inquiry code has been enlarged to 5 characters e.g. ESRDT.
  • Now multiple line selection is possible using Shift Key.



Blank fields are now replaced with 0.


Print license using EULA which can be accessed from Legal mentions.


Blocks can be collapse and expand using green arrows.


Pyramid functions removed in V7 has been restored.


  • Use-by-Date improvements:

The date you want to ship something by so when your customer receives it there is still time in its expiration date.

  • Now it can be defined on customer by customer basis.
  • UBD coefficient is converted in days.


  • UDB coefficient is converted in days everywhere in program

Lead time * UBD coefficient


  • Attachments and migrating attached files:
  • Attachment screen has a new design.
  • Keywords are in columns and pictures, images and text are in lines.
  • Files are now stored in X3 volume instead of user workstation.
  • It simplifies to attach a file from client workstation to X3 volume.
  • Attachments on local workstation are no longer supported in V8. They need to be uploaded in X3 volume.


  • Add image by simply drag and drop or by selecting from workstation. After successful upload paper clip icon will turn into green.


  • Now files can be selected using filter on volume level e.g. PDF


  • This function forbids from storing files on workstation.
  • To open a document, you need to download it and open it on client workstation.

How to migrate existing file attachments after upgradation:

  • In V5/V6, attachments were stored in the system (Unix/Linux/Windows) folders.
  • In order to attach the file, it needs to be copied in local or server directories.
  • In V8, all files are stored in X3 volume MYVOL/mydoc.doc
  • Due to web approach, you are now able to upload files in volume in order to attach them.

Usage à Attachment Migration à there are two different blocks

  • Files: View different directories, possible actions and number of files.
  • Volume: You can create volume or a different value can be updated.

4) Office Integration:

In V8, usage is simplified but functionality is same.

Administration à Utilities à Installation àInstall add in for Office


  • Create excel document without a template
  • Generate an excel file we can open.
  • Authenticate X3 credentials.
  • It is also possible to connect several servers and select by drop down arrow.
  • You can publish the generated document.


5) Automatic Journal Formulas:

  • New Automatic journal formulas management has been introduced to overcome the old limitations of 20 legislations.


  • There was no limit in X3 for the number of charts, dimension types etc. except in AJF (max.20).
  • In V8 this limit is reached, 17 cores and 4 partner legislations.
  • New legislations are also coming.
  • This feature includes a new table, a dedicated function and migration tools.

Development à Data and Parameters à Tables

  • LEG prevents any dimension limitations
  • The only limit found on management screen with limit of 99.


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