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Exclude Sales order lines when back to back process is executed (Automatic Purchase Order creation)

  1. When users want to skip any sales order line for which the purchase order should be created when back to back process is run, then we can avoid it by using entry point based on criteria
  2. “TRTACHCDE1 “ is the standard process which will raise action “CTMFILTSOQ” when back to back process is executed
  3. “CTMFILTSOQ”, the purpose of this action is to give the possibility to exclude certain sales order lines to avoid generating the purchase order line.
  4. The following variable must be modified to influence the back-to-back order processing:


Flag to exclude the sales order line in progress


0 = No exclusion

1 = The sales order line in process will not be converted to a purchase order line.


Here one field was added in SORDERQ table called YB2B, and data type Local menu”1” (Yes/No) and added same field in SOH4 screen in line level.

Created entry point and added one specific process “YCTMFILTSOQ” (it could be any code) as showing in following screen shot.


After adding entry point, then we have to write the piece of code in “YCTMFILTSOQ” specific process



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