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BI dashboard helps Accounts Receivable function

Accounts receivable is a key function an organization. Any inefficiencies in this function impacts positive cash flow coming into the company. Having clear visibility into this process for management, sales and receivable people is vital for financial health for any organization. Recently we helped a client of ours, operating in the warehouse and distribution space, streamline information flow in this function. This client was generating reports from their ERP system,

and then distributing to their sales people for follow up on payments with their end customers. This caused the following problems:

  1. Sales people always had to be dependent on someone sending the information, making the process inefficient
  2. Excel data is in list form, and requires further analysis to focus on invoices which are of higher dollar value and maybe outstanding for longer period of time.

In order to address this problem, an Receivables dashboard was built, which could be accessed by management, receivables staff and sales reps.

BI dashboard helps Accounts Receivable function

This dashboard provided helped

the collections in the following key ways:

  1. Clear view to each sales reps on which customers have the most invoices outstanding
  2. For each customer, quick and immediate view into what dollar amount is outstanding by how many days
  3. Each of this bar has further drill down features, which shows details for the customer by each individual invoice
  4. A dashboard, which is available on both desktop and mobile devices – no longer need to wait for email from receivables staff

This report provided immediate ROI – 16 hours of work each month to extract and distribute reports, and interest savings by faster collections!


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